How much storage do I need?

Sorry for the nooby question, but...

I am about to build a new computer and don't know how much storage I need. I will probably be playing a few games from Steam, and a few from a disc. I will have iTunes, which means I need space for a few hundred songs. I will be recording PC gameplay with screen capture software, but after they have been uploaded, I will most likely delete them. I will not have many photos, maybe 100 taken with my iPod. I might get a small SSD for Windows in the future.

Can you recommend a hard drive size? It would help a lot! Thanks :D
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  1. If you're talking about a mechanical drive for a desktop ~500g is pretty much as small as they make them anyway which should be fine for the usage case you described. I would look for a deal and just see what the best price point you can find is. A lot of people here prefer the WD black line of drives for general computer usage if you're not going with an ssd.
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