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hey..i have a gateway e-series and i just put in a Hitachi lg data storage DVD rw burner..and it works fine just as long as you don't need it to be registered in windows 7 registry or in device manager.. and i tried looking to the device software on my own and could not find i tried looking for automatically and did not work..and i tried the reg-edit trick and that did not work..im at the end of the line on this own can anyone help?
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  1. Sorry to hear of your problem but we need to know your Windows version as suggested fixes are often version-specific. Also, is it a SATA or IDE model, and if the latter, have you set it's jumper correctly for either slave or master?

    The drivers for all CD/DVD drives & writers are generic Microsoft ones built into Windows, provided it's Windows XP or later.
  2. i fixed it. it turns out the sata cable was loose lol bout 5 hours of software trobleshooting wasited lol
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