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Hey all, building my new machine with an Asus P8P67 Pro mobo in a HAF 912 case, which came with one rear fan and one intake fan; I've ordered a 200mm top fan, a 140mm side fan, and another 120mm front fan, which haven't arrived yet.

The motherboard has 4 fan connectors: CPU_Fan (4pin), CHA_Fan1 (4pin), CHA_Fan2 (3pin), and PWR_Fan (3pin). I've plugged the CM V8 CPU cooler fan into the CPU cooler (this made sense to me), but I'm unsure what to plug into the remaining connectors. The two in-case fans are both 3 pin, and all the fans I ordered are 3 pin as well; do I just plug two fans into the 3 pin board connectors, and leave the 4 pin alone?

I don't want to toast anything, so I'm going to use molex connectors for now, and I can rearrange things when the extra fans come in. Thanks for the help!
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    You can plug a fan's 3-pin power connector into the motherboard's 4-pin fan header. See the following link for details on how to do this properly:
  2. A 4 pin header is designed for 4 pin pwm fans. It allows the fan to be controlled by pulse modulation. not voltage.
    Plugging a 3 pin into it is OK, but the fan will run at a constant max speed.

    The 3 pin headers allow voltage control by the motherboard. As the motherboard heats up under load, the fan speed increases.
    You adjust these parameters in the bios. Works well on my P8P67-M PRO which should be the same type bios as yours.

    The motherboard headers should support any normal single fan(do not gang them up) without issue.
  3. Thanks for the help all, things are running fine now. However, the BIOS is detecting the slower speed of the 200mm fan (when compared to the other fans, due to its size), and it's under the designated chassis fan minimum RPM as set in the BIOS (or rather, it was). This causes the computer to hitch a few times at start up; it will whirr up to speed, stop and go dark, then repeat one or two times before the computer actually starts. It didn't do this at all before I plugged the fan into the motherboard, and stops doing it again if I unplug it. If I go into the BIOS, I can see that it recognizes the fan as spinning under the max RPM setting, and despite lowering this setting and telling the BIOS monitor to ignore the top fan's RPM, it still occurs.
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