HD 5770 Power and amp requirements

Hi everyone

Im Planning to put either a HD 4870 or HD 5770 graphics card to replace my old 8880GTS. What are the power and amp requiremetns of the cards. Will Hiper HPU-4K580 PSU do the job? It does have a dedicated PCI-E connection if that makes any difference.

Computer Specs:

Intel E6600 2.4 GHz
ASUS P5NE-SLI motherboard
Gainward 8800GTS 640mb
2GB Corsair RAM
Windows Professional x32

Thanks :)
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  1. Yes it has more then enough power and amps for either card.
  2. The reason im asking is that my PSU can only carry 20A over the 12v which is not enough according to some people, is it the dedicated PCI-E connection that makes the dfifference?
  3. A quality 400W PSU with one PCIE connector for the 5770 and a quality 500W PSU with two PCIe connectors for the 4870 is recommended.
    A 5770 can pull 110W(9A) (more or less) at full load.
    A 4870 can pull 200W (17A) (more or less) at full load.

    Yours is a multi-rail design PSU. It can deliver 20A on the +12V1 and 18A on the +12V2.


    As Davcon has said, your PSU has power enough (it can deliver 30A/360W (aprox.) on the +12V output).
  4. so do both the HD 5770 and HD 4870 haver 2 PCI-E power connections- i.e. have to power cables fed ito them
  5. To feed the 5770 you need a 6-pin PCIe connector
    To feed the 4870 you need two 6-pin PCIe connector

    Since your PSU presents two 6-pin PCIe connectors, it's able to feed both.

    Anyway, I would think about buying a new PSU in the future because the quality of your PSU is very low. Its capacitors are extremely bad (Fuhjyyu...).
    Therefore I would go for the 5770.
  6. if you can power the 8800GTS 640mb, you can power the ATI 5770.
  7. Will it supply thre demand for power even when running high powered games and HD movies through the HD 5770?
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