Gone to town with my rotary tool!

My first ever case mods:

120mm Case fan...pretty much just cut a bigger hole at the back and squeezed it in:

Side fans hitting the G-Card and CPU Cooler (to be meshed):

Roof fan:

Home-made fan housing that takes up 3 CD drives made from sheet ally, 120mm fan and meshed:

Cheapo fan controller with a switch fitted so I can turn off all 'extra' fans when just surfing the net (leaving CPU and G-Card fans on):

Yeah OK maybe I went a little overboard on the fans (there's another 120mm fan sucking air in from the front bottom!) but it was fun, and it keeps my X2 5000+ overclocked to 3.2Ghz at around 35 Degrees, and my 9600GT at 33 Degrees whilst overclocked to the max.

Now...what to do with that other switch I've fitted...? Any ideas?
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  1. Wow, its going to be a wind tunnel in your case now ;)
  2. Haha you sound like the girlfriend ;)

    Naturally she had a lot of interest in this...... ;)
  3. the other switch? make it control an extreme amount of blue led case lighting? to match the fan controller :) like buy a bunch of leds and fill the case with them :)
  4. I thought about that, but it's pretty tight in there anyway, let alone more wires and hardware inside.
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