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I have a 30" monitor HP LP3065, 2560 x 1600, and recently my NVIDIA card GeForce 8800 GT went down. The only application that I use and has high graphic needs is Second Life (SL) viewer. My impression is that SL combined with my high resolution screen poses too high requirements as for this card, and therefore it failed. But I am not a specialist ...

What do you suggest that I replace the card with? NVIDIA 9800 GT or anything else? Thanks!
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  1. Ahh .. forgot to add, I still use Windows XP. Hax
  2. You just run SL? Get an HD5570 or an HD5670. Either run without a PCI-Express (6-pin) connector, and will play Second-Life just fine. Plus all the benefits of newer tech, less heat output, etc.
  3. But the OP has a big monitor, i think 5570 or 5670 will not strong enough...

    To OP:
    Is that the only game that you played?
    What about the other specs? CPU? RAM? Motherboard? PSU?
    Also how much do you want to spend?
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