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Hello, I was using my usb flash drive and i think it may have stopped working when my laptop got moved around with the usb plugged in. I went into "my computer" and the device wasn't even there. So I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it said device could not be installed. There is a light on my flash drive, and when I plug it in, it lights up but then the light goes off after 1 second. If you could help me in any way I really appreciate it, I have all my important documents on it. Thank you. My email is
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  1. You may have a dry solder joint at one of the pins of the USB connector.
  2. What can I do about that, is there anyway I can fix it?
  3. If it is a dry solder joint, then you would need to resolder it ...
  4. Ok can you tell me what that means? Because I'm new to this and don't know what that is
  5. Here are several examples:,itp:photo&tbm=isch

    For example, here is a bad solder joint at one of the pins of the crystal in a USB stick:

    The other pin doesn't look good, either.

    Here are cracked solder joints:

    The solution is to crack open the USB stick and resolder the bad joints.
  6. Ok I cracked open the usb casing, now what exactly am I supposed to be looking at here.
  7. Examine the 4 pins that connect the "USB metal head" to the "circuit board (PCB)" and resolder them if necessary.

    With respect, you should probably take the board (in an antistatic bag) to your local TV/AV repairer and ask them to resolder the connector for you, assuming that's the problem.
  8. Question, if i took it to bestbuy or a computer store do you think they could fix it?
  9. I don't believe the average computer store has a soldering iron, let alone people who would know how to use it.

    BTW, can you see the drive with Microsoft's UVCView?

    My own flash drive looks like this:
  10. I opened the link you sent me and all I got was a description in a tab
  11. Sorry, I can't help you.
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