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hi, I remember getting my first Intel-based system back in 2004, and kept me for at least 4 years satisfied. I wish to build an i3 based system which will allow me to play some games as well, though I don't play that much anymore. The reason is that I really need an Intel system because the current AMD I have isn't as good when doing word processing at all. Or perhaps I am getting old or something. I was thinking of something like that:

1. Mobo:Biostar TH55B HD
2. CPU: Core i3 540
3. GFX: Sapphire 5750 or 5770 1G Vapor-X

Actually these combo offers from e-bay come cheaper than where I am, but has anyone any ideas on the motherboard? Any alternatives I should be thinking of apart from Mobo? DDR3 and 80+ PSU already taken! :D
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  1. ^ Well for the price of that Dual Core i5, you get a Full-Fledged Quad-Core CPU from AMD...
    And could you give the specs of the current AMD system you have ??
    The previous gen AMD were not good, but the current gen Athlon IIs and Phenom IIs are far better performers and are arguably the best price/ performance parts...
  2. Don't get me wrong, I actually own a Phenom II 955BE, but for those little things I need, I honestly don't require it. First, I am using it mainly for work, and I need that stability with Office apps. I was writting my dissertation the other day and took me more than 15 sec to save a single document! :bounce: I know AMD is better in other stuff, but it appears i don't need those anymore ( nearly got a heart attack when it froze for a few seconds). Second, I need to be aware of those electrical bills, so a lower TDP wouldn't do harm. Third, The DMI approach with respect to FSB seems interesting no?
  3. ^ Well I rather doubt its the fault of the processor there...My guess is the HDD...
    But from the power consumption point, its fine though...
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