Is this enough?

hey guys
im building a new rig with
asrock p55 extreme 4
msi gtx 460 1gb hawk

i would possibly add another gtx 460 for sli later on
just wondering, what is the min wattage of psu do i need for this system(should i do SLI)?
thanks guys!
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  1. Id say a 650 watt psu with 4 6 pin connectors would be fine for that. Something like this:
  2. The XFX 650W unit is just as powerful as the 650HX, but a lot cheaper, its $85 after promo code, its seasonic built and its a high quality unit and more than capable of handling GTX 460s in SLI
  3. also just wondering,
    when i look at the psu, what are some of the features i should pay attention to if i want to do sli (besides the wattage)?
    do i connect the cards directly to the psu? if yes do i have to check whether the psu has enough "sockets" , so to speak
    sorry if my wordings are rather wierd, im a newbie to all this
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    Total rated wattage should actually be ignored. Just about every PSU on newegg has a picture of a sticker with the load table on it, you want to look at the combined power on the 12V rails since thats what most of your system runs on, which is why you often see reference to amps on the 12V rails.

    Your PSU will plug into the cards using PCI-E power connectors, you will need 4 of them for 2 GTX 460s but both the Corsair HX650 and the XFX 650 have 4 of them.
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