Strange ssd and steam issue

Hello there,

I bought a 240bg ssd a while back and loaded a whole bunch of steam games onto it. Everything was great except when I initially installed steam it dumped all of the various folders on my desktop. I deleted everything and started over. This initial problem is fixed but now I have a worse one...

I think I screwed up when I deleted all of this crap on my desktop because instead of telling steam to delete the games then deleting steam I just jumped straight to deleting all of the containing folders

So basically I have unaccounted for space being taken up on my ssd from this initial steam install. Its pretty significant too, shogun 2 total war took more than 32gbs!!! and that is space I'm really starting to miss. I think I probably have 60gbs of missing space.

Does anybody have any suggestions?
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    Run this,

    You should be able to determine where the missing space is from the information it gives you.
  2. Thank you

    I'll make another post if I can't figure out where the data is

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