Multi-use system (Suggestions and advice)

So I made a thread recently looking to build a HTPC. But after putting some thought into it, I've decided to use my current PC as one. So that means... I need a new gaming/photo-editing computer :)

So I've been looking at throwing this little lot together and was wondering what everyone thought of it (and if it would actually all work together lol)

Overclocking: Yes

i7 920

Asus P6T Deluxe OC Palm Edition Intel X58

WD 300GB Velociraptor

CM Storm + Coolermaster Silent Pro 700W

OCZ 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 1600MHz

Also want to go Crossfire... but not sure on which graphics card to get. Money restrictions means I can only get one graphics card at the minute, but looking for something around the GTX 260 performance level (as this is what I currently have in my other PC and I'm quite happy with that but want the opportunity to upgrade in the future). this actually brings another concern on if the case would be ok for all of this in reg. to the space and temps.

The only other thing I'm looking for is a cheap copy of Windows 7.

Parts not req:
Keyboard, mouse, monitor (currently running dual screen 1x 1920x1080 and 1x1920x1200).
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  1. ^ Nice parts and very good price for that mobo...
    Some suggestions...

    RAM - Get any of these...OCZ RAM nowadays seem to be flaky...

    And as for the HDD setup, IMO this would be better...
    60GB SSD for OS and apps
    OCZ Vertex 2
    And 1TB for rest
    Samsung F3 1TB

    Video cards - HD 5850

    CPU cheaper at ebuyer...

    CPU Cooler
    CM Hyper 212+
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