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i've got a custom build computer which uses a 965 BE by AMD as the CPU , but for the longest time i've regretted not getting a six core processor .... the mother board i have is a top of the line gigabite MB so i'm simply going to pull out the 965 and stick it in another mother board ...

the problem is i don't know what kind of cheap decent mother board to get .. i want something that will cost less than 70 dollars .... i'll throw a 6870 in it and call it a day when i'm finished ..

do any of you know a good solid durable mother board that i can throw my 965 in ?

( no ,i'm not going to get an intel processor for my current good mother board , it will be the T1100 or the 1095 BE ....)
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  1. There is pretty much zero benefit of a six core processor. There are plenty of drawbacks though.

    Why would you pull out a 965? It's not the bargain a 955 is, but it's a very solid processor and as good as any hexacore by AMD.

    What are you trying to do? To me, it sounds like a waste of money for no performance improvement. What do you use your computer for?

    FYI: Intel CPUs won't fit in your current AMD motherboard.
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