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Hi All,
I'm using a desktop with following configuration for my work with EDA applications. And it is without any issues & satisfactory(I mean OK/acceptable) performance.
Intel Core2Duo E7400 2.8GHz, G31 Chipset
Video Graphics Integrated on Motherboard(MS-7525)

Now I'm looking for a Laptop urgently. But I'm novice in this area. Please help me choose an 'adequate' CPU which matches/exceeds the above config. Eventhough Laptop & desktop has their own advantages & disadvantages, my objective in asking this question is purely comparison of performance(multi-tasking, responsiveness, faster performances).
In the laptop I'm going to buy I may choose among following options-
i3-350M (2.26GHz)
i3-370M (2.4GHz)
i5-450M (2.4 - TB 2.66 GHz)--------I'ld like to stop here due to Cost unless if you think performance may not be adequate...
i5-520M (2.4 - TB 2.93 GHz)--------last + least likely
RAM-3 / 4 GB
1) ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5470 - 1GB (Dell Studio)
2)Vostro 3500 NVIDIA(R) Geforce(TM) 310M,512MB Graphics
OS - Win 7 Professional 64 bit (with XP compatibility mode)

??Please help me by suggesting a better combination with above components.
Thanks for your patience,time & help..

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  1. Hello mksng;

    i5-450M without the HD 5470 video card sounds like what you want.
    i5-450M has the integrated Intel HD graphics which should be quite a better than the Intel GMA 3100 integrated graphics on your Compaq Presario G31 motherboard.
  2. What is going on with Dell's website? It used to be you had a range of CPU and video options for each model.
    Seems like they're really limiting your choices to just one version right now.
  3. hi WR2. thanks a lot for your response.. I'm glad atlast I found helpful people here like you who can help me decide in better way...
    Yes in Dell(India), the limitation is mainly in GPU; There are no other choices(in Studio HD5470, in Vostro GeForce 310M only). As I gathered that it may be difficult to upgrade/add Dedicated Video graphics card later, I'm considering these options with deidcated GPU. I'm juggling between Vostro 3500 & Dell Studio 15 & my budget (~950USD or <INR50000). I'll try other options if possible (like still higher CPU like i5-520M without dedicated Graphics card).
    Plz guide me with your knowledge..as this laptop will be mainly for working from Home. Other things-Entertainment, gaming are comparatively less priority...
  4. mksng said:
    like still higher CPU like i5-520M without dedicated Graphics card.
    This would be an excellent option if you find one in your budget range.
    Work/Entertainment/General purpose laptop duties are fine with integrated Intel HD Graphics.

    Gaming is different. What games are you considering?
  5. Games!!?? Probably I shouldn't mention it. Bcos I'm 'out-of-date' & at very basic level in this area. Its not priority only occassional, small time stuffs.
    But software applications I'm using will be electronic CAD, EDA tools like Cadence Allegro, Mentor graphics PADS, Expedition, Cadstar, OrCAD etc
    Regarding Dell Customization-
    In Studio, All models/CPU choices come with HD5470 default (can't opt out)
    In Vostro
    i5-520M is maximum & we can't opt out of GeForce 310M for this CPU selcection!
    i5-450M selection is not allowing to choose GeForce 310M!
  6. It looks like you're back to the Studio i5-430M and HD 5470 to stay on your budget.
    Which is OK, it's a great CPU and the HD 5470 is OK for good some light duty 3D gaming.

    GeForce 310M graphics
    HD 5470 graphics
  7. Yes but no! It will be i5-450M in either case(which u suggested first) not i5-430M. I'll finalize on GPU (which inturn class specific-studio/vostro) depending on display which suits me best.
    Laptop for EDA applications/ CAD work
  8. mksng said:
    It will be i5-450M in either case(which u suggested first) not i5-430M.
    You're right. Even better!
    Passmark CPU benchmark score:
    Core i5 430M @ 2.27GHz = 2366
    Core i5 450M @ 2.40GHz = 2477
  9. Shock..! I'm still busy thinking :-( but Dell has changed CPU options available for Studio15. i5-450M no more available for selection. Now they have put i5-460M?
    I think I might just missed a better build. i5-460M seems to be way below i5-450M..
  10. It's actually a faster CPU.
    Core i5-460M 2.53GHz
    Core i5-450M 2.4GHz
  11. But passmark rating is lower for i5-460M than 450M. can u plz throw some light on it....
  12. mksng said:
    But passmark rating is lower for i5-460M than 450M. can u plz throw some light on it....

    Well it's not. i5 M460 is faster than i5 M450 as well as i5 M520!! Are you leaning towards Dell? Maybe you should try Asus K42Ja

    It has i5 M460
    2GB ATI Graphics Card
    4GB RAM (Comes with 2GB actually)
    640GB HDD
    14" screen

    Portable: yes
    Reliable: yes

    Cost: Rs.45000 /- (Including tax and after upgrading RAM to 4GB) :D That's Rs5000 lower than your budget and it's wayyy better than all the models you've mentioned..Oh and it comes with 2yrs Global warranty..!!
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