AMD X2 555

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  1. M3N72-D motherboard will take all Athlon II and Phenom II CPUs including the new X6 Thubans.
    Update BIOS to the latest version.

    Athlon II X4 635 better than Phenom II X2 255BE? Better for... what?
  2. Sorry
    mostly for gaming. But i like overall performance aswell.
  3. Now to the second and hardest part of this thread because i know i have to update
    how do you update your bios
  4. ^ You probably won't need to update the BIOS. Most manufactures now ship BIOS that can support most AM3 CPUs.
  5. I bought this motherboard about a year ago(feb/26/09 when built)
  6. You'll want to use Asus Easy Flash 2.
    Read pages 4-5 and pages 4-35 of your manual.
  7. Did you check what version of BIOS is installed now?
  8. ^+1. Check BIOS version first. Download CPUZ and it will tell you.
  9. Get the Athlon since on that mobo you can't unlock the Phenom, for that you need a mobo with AMD chipset. You can check the BIOS version Accessories/System Tools/System information.
  10. Bios revision 0502
    am i doing it right?
  11. Yes you are. Bios Version 0502 dates from 11/24/2008.
    And the CPU support list for Athlon II X4 635 wants Bios Version 1402 03/19/2010 (or higher). No reason not to use the latest Version 1507.
    What version of Windows are you using?
  12. upgrading to windows 7 isnt a problem but for now im using XP 32 bit I just havent had the time to reformat and all that jazz.
  13. I think you want to update the BIOS. Then install the new CPU and get everything running stable. And after that do the OS upgrade
  14. sounds good can you refer me to a guide(stupidproof if possible upgrading bios is one of those things i almost never do because im scared of it).
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    Check this topic on the Asus Support forum: EZ Flash 2 - the safest way to update BIOS
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