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Is Temperature looks unfamillier?

I have buy a pc 2 days ago. But i am feeling something bad. I have athlon 435x3
palit gts 250 512 mb
2gb ddr3 corsair 1333 mhz
frontech 600 watt(its popular in india)
i leave in india so room temperature is ~32c so when i open computer its 32c. I run my pc 5 min with out any load then its temperature goes to ~33c. Then i run assassin creed 2 on my computer for 5 min then it goes to 41c . I play it more than 1 hour then it goes to 52c. Is it normal or something smells bad? Please help me.
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    Are those CPU temps? That ~33C after 5 minutes running seems too low.
    How do you measure your CPU temps? Or are those temps some other part of your computer?

    That kind of 41C-52C rise in CPU temps is normal when playing games.
  2. I get it from cpu-id and core temp. Thanks. I have no fan in my cabinet.have i need to buy it?
  3. My gpu running at ~80c after 2 hour game play assasin creed 2 and my cpu running at ~52c. Is it normal temperature?
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  5. Your ambient temperature is high so it will obviously cause your CPU and GPU temps to rise as well. They look fine to me considering how high your ambient temperature is.
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