Sudden Shutdowns

Lately my computer has been shutting off out of no where. It can happen at any time, or while doing anything. But after it shuts down, my case fan (which is connected directly to my motherboard), is still running, but at a very low speed. Same goes for the cpu fan, but it doesn't really spin, it just kinda jerks about an inch every second. I checked all the voltages on my psu with a program called PCwizard, and they looked fine. But it also showed my cpu temps to be really low (like 20 degrees Celsius)

I think it may be the motherboard, but I'm not sure.

System specs:

windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
Asus M4a785td-v evo motherboard
Amd phenom II x2 550 @ 3.1 ghz
2gb stick of ddr3 1600mhz kingston hyper-x
1 samsung 1tb hard disk
1 western digital 320gb hard disk
Ati xfx 5770 graphics card
And a really cheap Logysis 575 watt psu (that seems to work fine, I've tested it with a multimeter
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  1. Logisys to me equals problems. Have you measured the voltages when it is jerking the fans?
    I would blame the PSU anyway if the motherboard is gone bad, and start by replacing the PSU with a quality unit! This unit outperforms the Logisys
  2. Is it even remotely possible it could be the power strip/surge protecter that's the problem? Cause I unplugged some things from it, and now my computer seems to be working fine.
  3. If the other items were pulling a big load on it I guess it is a remote possibility but that should though throw a breaker or blow a fuse before affecting the PC. The lack of quality of the PSU might be contributing being possibly sensitive to voltage drops. Might be an idea replacing that PSU and power strip.
  4. I also find it had to believe its the power bar unless its been damaged.
    For diagnostics i would run benchmarks for a while or play a few solid hours of gaming with just your rig plugged into the power bar and see if you can get it to shut down again if it still shuts down id bet its the psu
    you also could test your system with a known good psu and fill your power bar back up with all the same stuff that caused the initial shut downs. One way or the other you should come to a conclusion as to what the issue is
    Regardless you should have a good surge protector and a clean power supply (you don’t run dirty gas in your car right) :)
  5. Plugged everything back in... still no shut downs, but I went ahead and bought a new psu anyway.
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