NVIDIA GTX 465 Newegg $279.99

NVIDIA GTX 465 showed up on newegg.com this morning
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  1. Well this card had a very unceremonious debut :)
    No review sites but XBit, ?
    It is 70 dollars less than a 470, seems less powerful at stock speeds in dx10,9 games than 5850.
    DX11 might be as good or better. Need more reviews to understand this new player.
  2. It's an HD5830 competitor that uses 1.5x the power/1.25x the cost. Yayyyy.
  3. I'm not so sure what the point in the 465 is to be honest. Based on the XBIT review, it seems fairly pointless. Considering it sells for $280, and the ATI 5850 is about $300 these days, it seems like a bad deal. The ATi 5850 is definitely the better performer between the two.

    I'm certainly hoping the 'rumors' of the GTX 470 going away are untrue. Unless nVidia is replacing it with something cooler, more efficient, and more powerful.
  4. Most unimpressive this latest generation has been, as for band for buck only ATI at this time is the best choice while any thing else has to be the DX10 era cards. Hell even 38x0 are getting rare and the same is becoming true for the 48x0 due to their low cost. For Nvidia if you want cheap deals then hit eBay and one might be able to land GTX 260 for about $130 (both 55nm and 65nm) and a little less for a used GTS250. Over all its best to either get a 57x0 or 58x0 series or wait this generation out till something better comes along.
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