Will a Radeon HD6950 fit inside a P8P67-M Pro ?

I was wondering if a Radeon HD6950 would fit inside a P8P67-M Pro since its a micro atx board with a small form factor. Does anyone know?
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  1. It is your case that a card will either fit in or not. The motherboard has a PCI-E slot therefore the graphics card will fit it.
  2. now I want to ask you. would 2 6950's in crossfire setup fit. because to my understanding the pci express slots are closer to eachother in a microatx motherboard as opposed to a regular atx motherboard.

    Would I be able to stick two 6950s (one of the largest video cards in existance) in a crossfire setup in this motherboard??
  3. Yes they will fit on the board. It would not be listed as SLI/Crossfire capable for only small cards.
  4. what do you mean by that? so can i run a crossfire setup on this mobo?
  5. Yes you can.
  6. I love you.
  7. Lol, glad to help.
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