Are my drives dead?

Hello, I just finished my first build, and I only have one problem left to solve. When I boot, neither the hard drive nor the dvd drive show up in the bios. The dvd's indication light shows no sign of life, and the hard drive dosent spin. They are connected to both the motherboard and the psu. I have tried both of the sata cables that came with my pc, and I have had no effect. I cant use one or the other, and in the bios, no sata devices are recognized. I have updated the bios, and their is no effect. Are my sata cables dead? Or is it my drives. All of the parts are new, and sata, the psu and the two drives are listed below. What is my problem, and what can I do?

And my motherboard is
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  1. Try different sata ports on the motherboard and the PSU just to rule out the chance that you have a bad one, if that still doesnt work then i suggest RMAing the drives.
  2. Okay, I have tried every sata port and power connector, so you recommend rmaing both of the drives?
  3. Hmm, before you went ahead and RMA both drives. Do you have older drives to try out? Like from older PC and use the cables what came with your new drives to test.
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