Dolby digital 5.1 sound card

hi guys, i need to know about dolby digital 5.1 sound card
i want to know its price that is how much it costs and from where in india i can get it
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  1. PC soundcards are not involved in decoding Dolby Digital. It's entirely done on a software level.
  2. @ astrallite, pc soundcards are not involved in decoding dolby digital, i never knew that. thank you for giving me this information
    please tell me how it is done on software level, i use realtek audio drivers, my os is windows xp sp2. in realtek hd audio manager, in audioI/O, i do find option, 5.1 dolbydigital, but when i click on it, it doesnt seem to work or it is not applied. so please tell me how to make it work, i shall be greatful to you
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