I have m2n68 am plus motherboard and i am planing to buy a new processor AMD X3 440....but in motherboard specification section the site says {Due to the chipset limitation, the AM3/AM2+ CPU runs at HT1 (1000MHz)}...what does this means....will there be any performance problem....plzz help
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    AM2+ boards and up came with newer HT2 which is faster than the HT1 link which is only a small performance bottleneck that will not be noticeable but measurable (benchmarking)!
  2. Thank you rolli59......but is it ok to buy the processor (x3 440).....or do u have any other ideas.......since i am not goin to change the motherboard
  3. All the X3 4xx CPU's are on the CPU support list so the X3 440 is a good upgrade especially coming from an older AM2 Athlon X2 CPU. If you considered a X4 they are supported as well up to X4 955.
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