Gigabyte M68M-S2P rev1.0 Bad BIOS Flash, Now no Video

Hello Tom's Hardware Community,

I have spent much time reading all your wonderful suggestions over the years. I hope in answering my question, it will help others with similar problems.

I currently had the GA M68M-S2P rev1.0 with the F1 BIOS. I was looking into flashing it to F5. Before I was mentally ready for my procedure, I restarted my computer and my USB flash drive booted in DOS, installing the F5 BIOS with SLIC 2.1 tables. After the accidental flash, I noticed the post screen had the words "Backup" on it. I assumed this was the Dual-Bios doing it's thing, loading the backup bios. This screen quickly went off the display, and it didn't boot further.

Now when starting the computer, all the fans and lights come on as if it is going to start normally, but there is no activity of the drives (floppy, cd-rom, hard drive, usbs). There is also no video. I am not sure if I have a case speaker hooked up.

Some suggestions I have seen included shorting the 5 and 6 pins on the primary bios chip to corrupt it so the backup chip kicks in. I have also seen to put a dos bootable disk in the floppy or usb, which the computer will turn to if the BIOS is corrupted.

I was fortunate to make a backup through QFlash before the problem started. It appears to be the same as the one downloaded from Gigabyte's site for F1.

How would you proceed in figuring out why the video doesn't come up, and it appears the boot process never accesses the drives on a Gigabyte motherboard?

Thank you in advance,
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  1. Just in case if you have not tried resetting BIOS try that first.
  2. @rolli59....I cleared the cmos by switching the pins on the jumper for a minute. Turning the unit back on, all the fans come on, everything seems normal, except no video, or lights flashing on any drive.
  3. I will suggest getting a case speaker (if you do not have one) and run through our troubleshooting thread in the system section.
    According to this your board has a virtual dual BIOS (not a true Dual BIOS)
  4. rolli59 said:
    ...get a case speaker.... According to this your board has a virtual dual BIOS (not a true Dual BIOS)

    I definitely will get a speaker hooked up....after reading around here: They are gold! I have a list of the Gigabyte beep codes already.

    I think the second link you provided is dated information where it says that one M59SLI model only. My possibly newer M68 board (despite being less than $50 at Fry's) has two bios chips on it. And the box and the first page you provided for it clearly say DualBios right below the audio. If it is active however, I will never know.

    I will need some help getting past the beep codes, so I can load a good file off one of my bootable drives.

    I am off in search of a case speaker. Thank you for sticking with me rolli.
  5. My last test: ...and results
    Hooked up PC speaker ...No beeps at all
    Hooked up PS/2 Keyboard ...Lights wouldn't come on, only when switching on the power supply
    Hooked up onboard video ...D sub connector no video signal
    Hooked up external video ...DVI no video signal
    Hooked up PC speakers ...No sounds
    Drive lights ...No activity except for clicking that went on for about the first 30 seconds. Not a dying clicking, but some sort of video card fan control, or possibly the HD accessing something.

    It appears the machine is stuck at a primative boot stage. No sound from the PC speaker.

    Should I remove my video card and try again? Should I remove ram and go down to one stick and try again?
  6. My second test: ...and results

    Took out the video card
    Took out the ram, and just put in one stick of 512MB

    Computer still no video, no messages through the pc speaker, and still appears to be stuck before any activity takes place.

    Note the clicking heard earlier was from a case fan spinning up normally.
  7. That really looks like a dead motherboard (BIOS)
  8. I always thought a dead motherboard wouldn't even power on. Thank you for your suggestions. I will keep you posted on the resolutions.
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