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whats with all this 6:9 vs 6:10 stuff. from what iv read 6:9 sounds more wide screen because ppl are saying its less vertical more horizontal and tv shows not in wide screen get the bars on the side. on a 6:9 monitor.
6:10 has better resolution but isnt widescreen.

so whats better for gaming widescreen (which is always better for movies i know) or the better resolution.
and what if a game doesn't support widescreen does it give the bars on the side like tv or does it just cut off the side viewing area to fit the screen.

one more thing 6:9 is 1920x1080 and 6:10 is 1920x1200 correct?
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  1. The best way I can answer your question is to ask you a question... What is your native resolution for your monitor?

    This is what you want it set at and game at, specially with dual GTX 480 (little jealous :D ). Your monitor is most efficient at this resolution, which if your monitor goes up to 1920x1200, that is what you want it. Running at 1920x1080 will leave black lines around your gaming screen.
  2. well thats the thing i dont know, i just ordered all my parts yesterday (in sig) i cant wait to get it all but i didn't order the screen because i didn't know weather to get one in 1080 or 1200 for games.
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