I am having trouble with my new build! Please help !

Hi everyone !

I have just assembled a new computer about a month ago. I ordered the components and built the PC myself. The problem is, the damn things is super unstable ! Firefox crashes on a regular basis, Crysis has trouble loading levels and often does the ''Crysis has stopped working'' and i get blue screens of death (stop messages and memory dumps). The stop message i get the most is the 00X000000a1. I tested my HD, my ram (windows diagnostic found no errors with ram). I did try to but my ram in slot 2 and 4 but the computer would not even boot :( I also tried to increase volt on ram but to no avail...
Anyone have any advice ?

Power Supple : XFX 650 watt
GPU : XFX radeon 5850
CPU : AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition
Motherboard : GIGABYTE GA-790FXTA-UD5 rev 1.
Ram : G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory
Model F3-12800CL9D-4GBNQ

Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit

Thanks for the help !
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  1. What are your OC settings including voltages? Hope you have not overclocked the RAM.
  2. 1. Make sure RAM timings and v are set in the BIOS to manf specifications
    2. Memtest 8 passes minimum to test RAm stability.
    3. Prime 95 12 hrs min to test CPU stability.
  3. What are your temps (CPU and GPU) at idle and under load/

    Have you tried one RAM stick at a time? Also, Run MemTest86+ 4.0 or greater over the Windows Diagnostics for at least 7 passes.

    Can you test with a different GPU &/or PSU to rule out them being faulty??

    edit:... Looks like three of us had similar ideas at the same time :)
  4. For the ram voltage i have it set to 1.545 right now. I did try 1 stick at a time and it did seem to work better (but slower :P).
    GPU : idle around 50 celcius and load around 80 celcius.
    For the cpu i have no idea of the temperature.

    I haven't run any memtest86 ... ill download it, run it tonight and come back to you guys.
  5. edit:... Looks like three of us had similar ideas at the same time :)

    Reminds me of a remark I made at a winery in California. I stated that most of the Napa Cabs tasted similar. The wine-maker laughed and told me that they all learned wine-making from the same place - UC Davis! LOL!
  6. Download RealTemp and Prime95. Run Prime95 for a minimum of 1 hour and use RealTemp to monitor your CPU temps at idle (before the test) adn during the test. Also report back those results.
  7. What test should i run with prime95 ?

    Torture test ? Blend ?

    Btw, the timing for the ram is set to Auto in bios !
  8. Blend or Small FTT

    Make sure your RAM timings, voltage and MHz match what is on your RAM sticks (manual settings most likely).
  9. BTW, it's ok if you have the RAM slightly underclocked. Won't affect performance.
  10. Well i went to work before going i started the MEMtest86 program! When i came back it was crashed on pass 3 test 5 at a time of 4 hours and some minutes. Here are the results!

    Chipset AMD K8
    Settings Ram : 569 MHz (DDR113) Cas : 2.5-1-3-1/DDR-1 (128 bits)

    ECC : disabled

    Bits in error mask: ffffffff
    Bits in error total : 32 min: 1
    Max contiguouse error : 2
    Error per memory slot : 0: 999999999
    1: 2733

    Test 7 errors : 5804

    Test 5 errors : crashed while trying to figure out .... :(

    Error confidence value : 109

    Highest error Address : 000fffdde4e - 4095.8 MB

    Im gonna try to run Prime95 during my sleep tonight... hopefully thats gonna work better... BTW .. im not a tech... all i understand of all this giberish is : errors !!
  11. I ran a Prime95 test while sleeping tonight but it only lasted 1 hour. It was the same result for every core !

    Self-test 10k passed

    Test 1, 4500 Lucas-lehmer iterations of m17432577 using FF length 896K.
    Fatal Error : Rounding was 0.5 , expected less then 0.4
    Hardware failure detected , consult stress.txt file
    Torture test completed 34 tests in 47 minutes - 1 error - 0 warnings
    Worker stopped
  12. Your test results on both Prime95 and MemTest, seem to point to a defective RAM or RAM stability. My recommendation is to manual set the RAM to the specifications listed on the actual RAM stick and retest. If you still get an error, you can test one stick at a time or just look to replace with new RAM and see if it solves the issue.
  13. ^

    Bad RAM, RMA^^
  14. Ok... I tested both Ram individually in slot 1 with memtest86!
    To do dual channel i need to put it into 1-3 and 2-4.

    They both passed without errors !

    So is it instability with settings in dual channel or is it Slot failures from the motherboard ?

    How to find out ?
  15. Install both RAM stickes back in, set the RAM to manufacturer specs (timings, MHz and voltage) and test again... Is your best bet :( as far as I know.
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