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hi,my friends wants to buy a hd 5870 graphic card.in new egg there are many diffrent model and i don't which is better?xfx has one model 399$ and sapphire has one model 499$ and it has same clock and memory!!my friend's mainbord is crosshair iv i suggested him that you can overclock your graphic with that mobo because it is very poweful for overclocking.am i right?
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  1. which one?
    can you show us the links? :)
  2. best cooler for what?for overclocking?why are you choosing this?what is your reason?
  3. asus eah 5870 has voltage tweaker what is this?and xfx has 875 core clock 1250 memory clock.can overclock HIS stock to this?and msi has 900 core clock and memory clock is same 1200.i said my friend 's mainbord is crosshair iv and it is very powerful for overclocking i want choose the best which overclock easily and is good his money is 420$.so what is the best choice with this feature that i said and this money?
  4. Voltage tweaker lets you increase voltage.
  5. you translate that!!!my intention is other graphic card like sapphire and xfx has that increasing voltage but what is diffrence between asus and other?
  6. see here asus and sapphire vapor-x
    and this:
    for HIS
    http://www.legitreviews.com/article/1104/13/ this is for asus and it overclocked to 1000mhz with smart doctor the asus software that you can overclock just asus graphic card with that.so if we find software that we can overclock the other graphic card with that like smart doctor asus has nothing opposite sapphire.
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