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I have a Western Digital 1TB Caviar Green HDD. I have installed Windows to an SSD and whenever it accesses data from the the 1TB HDD, the hard drives makes a short (2-3 seconds) buzzing noise. During this noise, the system locks up completely. I then decided to move all data off the HDD and put it on to another drive. Since then the system hasn't locked up, but during boot I can sometimes here the buzzing sound. I'm thinking of removing the drive. Could my Hard drive be broken?

I've looked into this, but was unable to find anything on the web. So I decided to write my own thread...

Thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. Hello, to my knowledge anytime a hard drive makes any weird noise is that its going to die, the most common one is the click of death,hard drives shouldnt make crazy loud noises, thats from my experience,and i have only had 1 clicking hard drive which ended up dying, i suggest you do a backup and see if you can replace that one.

    Again this is to my knowledge, like i said the most common is the clicking, but i havent heard of buzzing ,but any weird noise like that is not good.
  2. Thank you for your answer. I will probably disconnect the drive and replace it.
  3. First back up everything. You can get diagnostic tools from the manufactures website. Although it sounds like your having a mechanical problem, it might be because there's a problem with the surface, but if there is physical damage the drive isn't easily fixable other then a replacement.
  4. the "green" drives are meant to save power, as in shutting down when not in use. so the 2-3 secs you are describing would usually mean the drive is spinning up. download western digitals tools and run the full test, then you will get a good answer on your drives health

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