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I have a small home server that I would like to create a RAID 10 for. I am a developer and would like to use it for creating and testing applications, as well as for a home file server (pictures, videos, important files, etc). I have an on board RAID controller (Mother board is ASUS M5 A99X EVO) that is currently being used for the OS drives (two drives set up striped). I don't believe I can add a second RAID 10 array using that controller. I believe I need to look at a RAID controller in order to set up this RAID array.

I have been shocked at the price of RAID controllers. It seems like they are all $200+ (and can go way up). I don't need an enterprise level controller, I just need something basic that will get the job done. Are there any recommendations?

Thank you in advance.
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    Look at the PM Hardware RAID.
    SPM393, or SPM394. These are independent raid controller

    Nice thing about this is you DO NOT need ANYTHING from the HOST system except a SATA port
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