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Expand c partition in win 7

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September 4, 2012 6:24:58 PM

c: near full at 18 of 20 gb , 160 gb sata main but 50gb available on e :

( sff dell = only room , for one drive ) : o

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a c 104 G Storage
September 4, 2012 7:22:02 PM

Hello, and welcome to Tom's Hardware!

You have a single Drive 0 with 2 partitions - a 20GB system C: and a 160GB E:. Is there other space available, since that add up to 180 GB, unusual size for a HDD.

In any case, in Win-7, you can shrink down the E: volume to say 100-120GB. Then expand the C: drive to utilize that available space.
If you have trouble because the C: Volume is also the System partition, Acronis true image will let you add unallocated space before and/or after the E: partition.

If you don't have much space to spare on the E: partition, you could consider purchasing a new replacement drive and cloning your present HDD to the new one. Can even be done using Win-7 backup and restore, but you need a separate USB HDD on which to image your present HDD, before restoring it to a new larger one.
September 5, 2012 9:54:35 AM

the drive is 160 gb , with c: 21gb , d: 76 .6 gb , and e: 51 .3 gb

but c: has 1 .89 gb free , and is why i asked for help ;

d: has 42 .5 free , and e: has 49 .3 free so there is enough room

but my software skills are limited , to formatting new drives - last

validation required tangling with microsoft so i rather prefer caution

using repartition software - better to understand how to expand the

c: drive ? without risking my only operational system , presently ;

have a larger 250 gb drive , with xp and win7 on it but when i tried

to swap it - a microsoft engineer ( when it required validation ) did

not grant it and it has a lot of software i would save , if possible ;


cnet has an acronis download for around $ 50 , but - if i can avoid

spending more spare cash ( am retired ) i can continue using the

gx620 sff / small format dell , until i find a larger desktop with space

for more than one hard drive ;


thanks for your time and patience , john .

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a c 104 G Storage
September 5, 2012 12:25:26 PM

Hi again,

What OS are you using on the C: partition? Also look in Disk Management and see if you have a 100MB hidden partition at the beginnig of the Drive.
Finally where is your data stored - the E: drive? "Normally" a DVD takes the D: drive letter, so what is stored in that partition? One of them may be a recovery partition created by Dell. Disk Management will show you all the nitty gritty details.

If there is data on the D: partition, you could move it to the E: volume, leaving D: empty. Then you could remove that partition, leaving unallocated space right after the C: drive, then expand the C: drive into that space giving it ~77Gb of space.

It sounds like this is a one time drive partition manipulation. You could download Acronis True Image 2012 or the new 2013, which gives you a one month's free trial, make the changes, then uninstall it. No cost at all. You would have to install it, use it, then delete it.

The important thing is exactly what is on Volume D: and Volume E, and if the data can be moved from partition to another.
And to remember when you delete a partition, it becomes unallocated space and any data in that space will be lost.

Hope that's helpful.

September 5, 2012 5:17:00 PM

f: is the dvd drive - the 160gb drive has been in other systems ,

but win7 pro was installed , while in this dell gx620 ( my hard

ware skills ? come largely from a mac 128k , back in 1986 ) ;


am copying e: to d: but selecting - which folders to merge ?

maybe e: should remain as is , until i download acronis for

a trial . . . deleting older files should then follow , since when

win7 pro was loaded , e: was an afterthought ( the original

system crashed ! and burned , during a serious storm ) ;


really appreciate your low key assistance , john - like

many guys , i try to do it all without asking for help ;


a c 104 G Storage
September 5, 2012 5:55:32 PM

Might consider this idea:

If you could move all the data on the D: volume to the E: volume, E: could be your data drive temporarily.
Then D: would be empty space, and just to the right of the OS boot drive C:

Then using Win-7 Pro, in disk management you could
Carefully delete the D: Partition, which would leave it with "unallocated" space and no data in it.
Then right clicking on the C: drive, you could expand it using that adjacent unallocated space to the size you want.

When all done, you wouldn't have a D: volume anymore, just the C: and E: volumes. Then you could right click on the E: volume in Disk Management and change the volume letter back to D:.

Either way, when you move certain program's data from one drive to another, a program such as Excel, or Quicken which had their data in a specific volume, might not be able to find the data, and in their config settings, you would have to set the target data drive to - in the above case the D: volume.

Well, there's nothing wrong in asking for a little help, and with just a key point or two that was missing, you still get the satisfaction of making the right decisions.
September 5, 2012 7:18:12 PM

just downloaded acronis true image , but it stalled when downloading

the user manual - already copied e: to d: but left e: as is , before i

push the plunger ( . . . this better work , as i have survived several

blue screens on this dell but don 't have a working backup computer ) ;


heeere 's johnny - wish me luck !


September 5, 2012 8:49:46 PM

finally ! got the acronis installer , to accept the key

they sent me , and then - failed : fatal error / check

disk space . . . ( told it to install in d : but saw c: flash

by ? during the long waits ) / retry / cancel , etc .


will try it again - later , as i should visit my aunt

in the hospital ( she is 98 years old and fell hard

from her bed . . . the line gets shorter , daily ) ;


will enter +++ feedback for you , on principle ( and interest >: )

September 7, 2012 8:29:41 AM

postmature said:
c: near full at 18 of 20 gb , 160 gb sata main but 50gb available on e :

( sff dell = only room , for one drive ) : o

In your case, I advise you to use the third paty tool--AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition. I have seen it in PC world's website and and I used it before. You can directcly expand C drive with data safe. So, I think it can solve your problem completely.

Here is the link:,222251-order,...

Best wishes!
a c 104 G Storage
September 7, 2012 2:40:37 PM

Hi again,

Sky is right, if you are having trouble downloading Acronis, don't fret over it and go to a different method of getting the job done.

If you follow my previous directions closely, you can do it without any other software, just use Disk Managment. There you have to copy the D: files to the E: volume so you have unallocated space just to the right of the C: boot volume to expand it. Easy to do.

The other easy solution is to download EaseUS Partition Master Free edition (don't need a key and there's no time limit. It will add unallocated space before or after a partition, so you can set it up just the way you want it, and them expand the C: volume - just by moving the partition boundaries to expand or contract any partition. Here's the link for it

The Partition Master is very good, I'd try it first. There is a Pro edition for $19.95, but you don't need it for this fairly straightforward partition adjustment.