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URGENT help required Very Important!!!

Dunno which category to put this question but I need very urgent help...I have a question regarding my Home sine wave Inverter unit.

It is 1.5years old.

There was a 2-3 min power cut in the afternoon (Now its midnight here).. And the inverter started charging the battery and it is still getting charged(Charging LED is on)!
The Inverter and battery both have become very hot.

What to do???
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    Have you unplugged it to let it cool down before plugging it back in? If you did, does it still remain in charging state or does it resume its normal function?
  2. After noticing that the Charging LED is on for hours even after a 2 min power cut.. I switched the Inverter off for 5 mins and then started it again... it still remains in charging state.

    Its directly connected to Main Switch board... Switching it off results in switching off the AC power of the house too...
  3. What's the make and model of the inverter?
  4. hmmm...wierd
  5. Hey... Sorry had no time to reply... Its a sine wave inverter (Luminous brand)
    But i have called Customer care in morning and they will be sending technician soon...

    Meanwhile... I'm just using inverters battery power in the night and regular AC power during day (So that it charges but not overcharges at it is discharged in the night..)
    Will keep doing this until tomorrow when technician arrives...
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