Crossfire with 16x and 8x PCI-E slots?

Im building a new computer for myself this summer, and I only have enough for one 5770.
Somewhere down the road I may go crossfire for when More GPU intensive games come out.

Can I do Crossfire with two different speed PCI-E slots?
(16x and 8x)

There will obviously be a performance bottlenecks with that, but is it even possible in the first place.
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    Yes, you can definitely crossfire with two different speed slots. Not that it'll matter with 2 5770s as they're probably not going to see much performance hit (if any) even being run in an 8x8x configuration.
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  3. Thanks for the help! I actually wonder if I'll ever need to buy another one....
    By the time I need to they'll only cost $100 ahah.
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