Incompatibility CPU - motherboard -- HELP

Hello,I tried to made a Skulltrail PC.
-ASUS Z7S WS Dual LGA 771 Intel 5400 (server)
-Intel Xeon E5410 Harpertown 2.33GHz LGA 771 Quad core (2 pcs.)
-Kingston 2GB 240 pin DDR2 FB-DIMM DDR@ fully buffered

BIG PROBLEM is incompatibility motherboard-processors
Intel changed core stepping for xeon E5410 from C0 to EO
my motherboard support only revision C0 (told me a supervisor fron ASUS)
I have't money to buy a new motherboard or new processors; only if I'll try to sale the motherboard or the processors or both

HELP ME with that:
1) sale of motherboard => what kind of motherboard to buy to be compatible with Xeon E5410 & the RAM is still compatible with new motherboard?
2) sale processors => what processors have to buy to be compatible with ASUS Z7S WS Dual LGA 771
3) sale motherboard & processors => have to sale the RAM's memory?
4) give me a new configuration (max. $500)
4) where to sale those components (CPU, motherboard, RAM)? -- on ebay?... tere are second hand because I tried to put together
5) How much can I have from these sale?

Please Help Me
I bought parts since february 2009 and my new, nice, and big computer still not working
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  1. Sell everything and get an i5/i7 setup. It beats the old Cores by quite a margin.

    Option one is: i7 930 $200, X58 board $200, 6GB DDR3 RAM $150
    Option two: i5 750 $150, P55 board $150, 4GB DDR3 $100
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