Computer device manager prefect but windows 7 says no dvd

Hello,after sp1 troubleshooter says you might have a device problem and it searches for drives but my computer has no issues just windows 7 saying i do and checking for drives all the time freezing system for 1-2 secs
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  1. If windows is saying that it means there is an issue, and you tried rebooting and completing a windows update, and completing your optional updates... this may assist with picking up drivers...

    What device is missing the drivers..?
  2. Give this one a try:

    (do the steps shown for Vista)
  3. i have reformatted 3 times completely reloaded all back and device manager has no errors but still windows 7 continues to try and find drives for a device not there
  4. that link talks about upper and lower filters that do not appear went i went into registry. none this system has no issues but this action center troubleshooter going rouge checking on drivers every ten minutes or after midnight i can be on and it never occurs like microsoft has a program that does it on its own i have shut off all updates and programs that check for updates and it still occurs
  5. also it tells me i have no media player but of course it is in the device manger and has the proper drives like the troubleshoot program is talking about another machine
  6. all of so called mrfixit programs donot touch the problem most registry programs are bogus as i ran 3 different ones all come up with their own problems seems it is a deliberate attack on my system by windows
  7. I know.It is just that I fixed many issues with the registry thing.(it normally works). What computer do you have?
  8. I had it made from cyberpower it worked perfectly till windows essentials or sp1 update hit the system it ran perfectly for over a year Intel core i7 cpu 950 @ 3.07 Ghz 6.0 GB ram just fyi i have built over 13 computers in my life owned an IBM 1977 clone which used 5 1/4 floppies have never had this much abuse by microsoft since windows 95 im a hardware man now learning how bad the software programs run amuck dailyin this machine this first time I could not fix Question: Will a brandnew Harddrive fix this problem?
  9. So this is a desktop pc then. Something here doesn't make sense. do you have anything plugged into an usb port? you can also check in device manager and select show hidden devices, you might find something there. Can you post any logs/screenshots of the issues? cheers
  10. I do apologize for lack of communication skills usb ports hp printer logitech camera canon scanner keyboard and mouse hidden devices when viewed non-plug and play drivers appears storage volume shadow copy and storage volumes. I am a writer and getting older learning new tricks I will need help I do appreciate your help as this is a problem that baffles me what would help the most for you and how do I complete the task to show you? Last night the device alarm which is the sound i hear and causes the freeze happened every few minutes freezing the system in whatever task i as doing.
  11. Hi, Just want to know something as you named the post 'device manager prefect but windows 7 says no dvd' Do you have any problem with the DVD drive?

    In your last post you said 'the device alarm which is the sound i hear and causes the freeze happened every few minutes freezing the system in whatever task i as doing. ' Is your computer beeping? If it is beeping then there is a hardware failure.

    You can go to the 'Event Viewer' to check for any information of errors. Go to start menu, then type in Event viewer.It will come up.
    Have a look on the left hand side panel, find Windows Logs, double click on it.
    Select Application and check on the right panel for any errors, exclamation marks.
    You can also select the System and Setup, check for any critical errors and the information.
    If you want to make a screenshot of the errors you have then press the PrtScrn key and then paste it in Paint save it and post it here.

    If you cannot find any errors on the logs and the computer is not producing any beeps do the following: Unplug all the usb devices (printers, scanners, everything) except from the keyboard and mouse. Do not leave any other usb plugged in.
    Now follow this steps:
    Install Windows
    Download and install SP1, reboot.
    Check how it works.

    Before installing anything else check how the computer works for a while and check your device manager that it doesnt show any exclamation marks or red signs.
    If it works ok then download the drivers for your USB things from the manufacturer website, make sure you download the win7 version.

    I hope it helps as it is a weird issue.
  12. this whole situation is crap forgive my attitude as this is the 6th time i have tried to reply to you without pop ups and log ins etc bullst ads and big brother crap

    but i did remove everything from my system and uninstalled my network adapters, video card and sound card my system put in all back perfectly but action center continually hits with the device sound last hour 21 day 1515 week 5329 i found an article that did seem to be what happen to me it all started with mircosoft office 2010 and no idea how to repair i also found out that i would have to upgrade form home to get the tools to fix conspiracy? seems microsoft deliberately sells software to ruin good systems for their profit but
  13. seems I forgot the event 7036
  14. No the computer problem also destroyed my email till now I shut down the microsoft search that was freezing my system but the trouble is still there device manager perfect all drivers there etc but action center says media player is missing and it says hardware might have changed the search edb.file has over 207k of logs now i cant find it to rebuild to empty it so i killed the program for time being all my research leads but to microsoft office 2010 seems it was deliberate selling software that intentionally harms peoples systems the web pages are full of problems caused by their product
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