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Hey all just two quick questions, I currently have a 120GB Kingston HyperX 3k and have about 55GB left. I am in the market for another nice performance SSD probably 90-120gb size, no real opinion on raid0 I could if it helps performance at all and its a good deal I'd have no problem snagging a second 120GB HyperX 3k. Really looking of best bang for the buck. When I first shopped for an SSD the HyperX still have better read/writes than like the m4 and Samsung 830 but people say its slower which is confusing to me? Don't really understand the whole tier hierarchic on toms. I also use my computer like 1-3 hours a day with very low saved crap mostly d3 and gw2, no music, movies, torrents etc.

If you going to state oh drive A owns drive B I would also like real world tests and what-not backing it up as well! ;)
Bang for the buck but also no cheap, die in a month SSD's either.

Also forgo to add, I have an Asus z77 v-lk mobo :)
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  1. Have a look at the Corsair Force GT SSDs.
  2. I tell most people to get a single 120GB SSD for Windows and Apps (plus a few games) and also a HARD DRIVE for everything else (downloads, C-Drive images, videos etc).

    If you get a second SSD in RAID0 be aware that TRIM will no longer function. It may also be more of a pain to upgrade the firmware.

    Game loading time between a fast SSD and hard drive varies but on average is about 50% faster, not nearly as fast as most people think compared to a hard drive.

    My advice is keep your current SSD as is and offload as needed to a hard drive for space.

    As for GAMES, I have all of mine on a secondary hard drive. A "STEAM" folder for steam games and a "GAMES" folder for non-Steam games.
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