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There are many articles that explain replacing an optical drive in a laptop, with a caddy that can house a 2.5 inch hard drive. I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FW250J, which had a WD 320 GB Caviar Black, that I replaced with a Samsung 128GB SSD. The old hard drive is fully set up to boot, as it was previously in there, so I grabbed an optical bay caddy and installed it. I was expecting an option to boot to either hard drive, but it automatically boots to the SSD, which is in the primary spot (not the optical bay). I went into the Bios, and they are extremely crippled and do not allow much manipulation. I do not see any way to make the optical bay boot first, aside from setting it that way (just the optical drive, not hard drive), but it doesn't see it as a hard drive. When it boots to the SSD, the HD is accessible, but I cant find a way to boot to it. Does anyone know a way to do this?
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  1. what if you switched the hdd and the ssd? I cant really tell you much bc I am not sitting there looking at the BIOS myself. but do you want to be able to boot into both the ssd and the hdd or just the hdd? maybe if you hit the button during post that shows you your boot into drives (wow cant remember the word for this right now) you can choose between the two. its called like your bbs popup or something lol wtf I cant remember
  2. I am not exactly sure what that is LOL ... I would like to be able to boot into either drive, as the old drive has a bunch of programs I really don't want to load up on the smaller sized SSD. There is not a place to "see" the HDD that is in the optical bay, within the BIOS.
  3. yea its called BBS...BIOS Boot Screen or something like that....when you first turn on your laptop it should say something like press delete to go into setup and then something else. its sometimes f8 to get into the BBS so then you can hopefully choose the other hdd in there
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