i have to mess with bios when replacing graphics card(HELP)

As the title states, is it necessary to mess with bios when replacing a graphics card. I know i must download drivers, but that is a far i know.

Please help and thanks for assistance
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  1. If you are replacing an existing graphics card with a new one that uses the same slot on the motherboard, then you shouldn't have to mess with BIOS.

    If you are adding a graphics card to use instead of the built-in graphics hardware on your motherboard, then you might have to change BIOS settings to disable the built-in graphics or to initialize the new graphics card before the built-in graphics. (In this case, you might consider leaving the built-in graphics enabled so you can use both the new card and the built-in graphics to allow dual monitors, which is great.)

    Good luck, Dan
  2. Thanks dan for the reply and what you stated first is what i am doing.
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