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I have been playing wow for a while now. I have having lag issues lately so it got me looking to my system for answers. I am currently running an amd quad core running at 2.2ghz, 4 gigs of ddr2 ram, an nvidia gts 250 overclocked to 795mhz core and 1150mhz memory. It has a 256bit memory interface and is a 1gb ddr3 card. My internet connection is dsl with 5mb down but only like 512kb up.

Still yet I am only getting 15fps in heavy areas in wow including raids. How can i improve this it is driving me batty

Something else i found interesting but not sure if it is relevant. I am using about 40% of my cpu but only about 10% of my gpu.
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  1. 2.2ghz is quite low by today's standards and likely the problem. What are you using to tell how much CPU/GPU is being used? Both of those seem very low which makes me suspect you are tabbing out of the game which will not give you accurate information.
    Have you tried overclocking your processor?
  2. WoW only uses two threads so you are basically running a dual core @2.2ghz in the game

    here is a benchmark of two Athlon II CPUs, same amount of L2 memory, similar speeds, but one is a dual core while the other is a quad. The dual core with just a slight advantage in speed will give better FPS in WoW even though the quad is a better all around CPU.
  3. I am running a couple of sidebar gadgets the provide real time resource consumption, one for cpu, the other for gpu. I also run dual monitors so i have wow open with the gadgets on another screen

    I did not know that wow only utilized two threads, that is very likely my problem then. I haven't oc'd the processor because i have yet to find a stable program to do so. I tried using nvidia Ntune, but it was laggy, inconsistent and when i updated the computer all the settings became unstable. do you have any recommendations for a good program. I am using rivatuner to oc my gpu
  4. Indeed, BIOS for the processor, avoid software.
  5. hrmm, maybe i am just missing it, but i scoured the bios settings and could not find anything that would allow me to oc the processor, the front side bus or anything. I have read somewhere that amd typically oc's via jumpers. I am currently researching to see if that is the case for my system
  6. Not at all, been a long time since OCing was done with jumpers. What motherboard do you have?
  7. MCP61PM-GM motherboard. its a crap board i know
  8. It seems that in Gateways infinite wisdom they decided to use a bios setup that doesn't allow oc. so i have two options, use a software oc program, which is bad or buy another mobo and oc the current processor. though it seems to me the best option is to replace both the mobo and the processor and call it good
  9. Gateway as well as the other large manufacturers always remove overclocking support from the BIOS. Upgrading the processor seems to be a better choice but I'm finding very little solid info about whether that board can handle AM3 chips or where you might find a BIOS to allow you to do so. The best info I'm seeing is actually from a thread on this site;
    Honestly I would recommend just replacing the processor and the motherboard. It can actually be done for cheaper that you probably think. If you don't want to spend much then what you can do is get a Athlon II x3 and board that can unlock the fouth core(odds are good it will work.) This combo for $115 looks good;
    The board will let you unlock the fourth core and also allow you to overclock which the processor tends to do quite well. Even if the fourth core doesn't work you should be able to get it up to 3.5 ghz fairly easily which will be worlds better than your current processor.
  10. Double post due to connection problems
  11. thank you tons for all your help. I agree. I am going to replace the mobo and the processor. I am getting ready to order the new amd x6 processor and the mobo and some new ram. I can replace all of that for about 400 dollars. And the system I am currently using will be donated to my children. I am sure this system can handle fairly well
  12. What parts are you looking at specifically? A x6 processor is nice but the x4 chips are probably a better value unless you do a lot of highly multithreaded cpu intensive tasks. For a motherboard I would look for one using the latest chipset(890G/GX/FX), USB 3.0. For the ram you'll want DDR3 with 1600 being the best value for the money generally at the moment.
  13. Quote:
    NO, the X6s for gaming in general is just wasting money, and for WOW is just overkill.

    The best solution for you is a $75 AMD 770 AM2+ board and an $70 Athlon X3/$90 Phenom X2, anything above that would be redundant for WOW/ single GTS250. Dont waste the money.

    He would probably like a high performance computer for more than just WoW but I do agree that the x6 chips aren't particularly worth it at the moment baring special circumstances.
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