5850 at 1680 x 1050?

Would it be a better deal to drop down from a 23" to a 22" Monitor?

1680 x 1050?

Then drop down to a 5850? Would it be able to handle all games out that are out and upcoming?

This will be first build, I was planning a 23" Monitor and a 5870, yet because I have to get everything, keyboard, mouse, etc. Still some what high on my budget. Would a 5850 be just fine?
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  1. The HD5850 should be great even at 1920x1080, especially so if you overclock it.
  2. Would it be worth it, to downgrade from the 5870 and the 23" monitor? Also, is it true you can crossfire different ATI cards? Such as:

    5970 and 5870 together.

    5870 and 5850 together.
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    Keep the monitor, downgrade the card. Both the HD5850 and the HD5870 can overclock to about 1ghz(on cards that allow voltage changes). At those speeds the HD5870 is only 5-10% better which isn't nearly worth the extra $100 imo. That said even at stock speeds the HD5850 is very good for 1920x1080. You'll even be able to max out Crysis with 2xAA and play smoothly.
    This would be a good choice;
    Here's a review;
    As for crossfiring the HD5970 is actually 2 (underclocked) HD5870s on one card. You can crossfire them with the only limitation being that the HD5870 would underclock itself to match the clock speeds of the HD5970(irrelevant if you are overclocking.)
    Likewise you can crossfire an HD5870 with an HD5850 but the more powerful card (HD5870) will essentially lower it's specifications to match the weaker card so it will be the same as crossfiring two HD5850s.
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