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I5-760 or i5-650 for gaming

I'm making a gaming rig, I've got p55 with 4 GB of RAM and 2 GTX 460's running in SLI. I'm trying to decide which CPU to get. I will probably overclock the CPU to whatever I can get on the chip with air cooling. I may invest more time and money later. I'm not really concerned about Futureproofing. Which CPU should I get. I am interested in play just about all games, so nothing is off limits. I can save about $30 between the two chips.
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  1. Go for the 750, especially if you can get one at microcenter for $150. You don't need the IGP, and can always OC it up to 3+Ghz easily.

    When you play a CPU demanding game, and even games that uses all 4 cores, you'll see a major jump in performance.
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    No need for 2 threads with one subject,follow the discussion here
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