Vk222h Monitor help. Please!!!

:bounce: So recently i got a VK222H HDMI monitor by Asus for free. When i got it home hooked it up it was amazing. But the only problem is the Brightness from the monitor menu keeps poping up for some reason. Can anyone help me? I saw on a few other websites people were having the same problem
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  1. No wonder they gave it to you for free LOL.
  2. virrze said:
    No wonder they gave it to you for free LOL.

    Lol yeah i know i think i fixed it i took a knife and removed the 'Menu' button. Lol so ghetto but it worked. Now i just need to find the driver for it.
  3. Hey, it was free!
  4. :) I got it to work guys.
  5. Whats a HDMI monitor??
  6. evan4244 said:
    Whats a HDMI monitor??

    HDMI is a video connection type. It is used primarily for High Definition media (1080p). It's the new standard for Blu-Ray Disk, HDTV, etc. Many modern computer monitors have HDMI ports on them. :)
  7. kickenoob said:
    :) I got it to work guys.

    kickenoob said:
    :) I got it to work guys.

    Did the fix - removing the menu button -- work for you in the long run? I'd like to know because I just got one of these monitors on the cheap, and would be happy if I can fix it with a simple operation.

    After cutting out the Menu button -- did the monitor require any downloaded drivers, etc, to run, or only to adjust settings? Thanks again.
  8. This is a followup to my own posted question of a few days ago. I removed the "Menu" button - not just the plastic cover, but the whole works. And now the monitor works great. It's been several days now, so I have no doubt about the success of this method.

    So, if you have a monitor of this value, just pry off the "Menu" button cover, then take a needlenose pliers and grasp the button inside, actually not just the button itself but the whole module that includes it, and pull hard, like you're extracting a tooth. It will come out cleanly and you'll have a fine monitor after that.
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