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Hello everyone,

I have a question about how to use my SSD and hope you guys can help me out.

I just got a new SSD card (samsung 830 120gb) and now the question pops: I have just the system (win7 x64) installed on it and all my files on my HDD but when it comes to apps (Adobe Suite, Cinema 4d, design software in general) I don't know if i should put them on the SSD or on the HDD.

If I install my apps on my SDD will it be slower on boot/system tasks? Will it make any difference when it comes to launching apps and/or rendering video files?

Thanks in advance,

Best regards, Guilherme
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  1. From what I have read and from personal experience it is a good idea to keep at least 10% of the SSD space free. I don't know the space requirements for Cinema 4d and the other design software you have in mind but I do know that I am pleased with the performance of the Adobe CS6 Production Suite I have installed on the SSD. Premiere, Encore, After Effects, etc. all load very quickly compared to when they were installed on an HDD. I use the HDD for storage of the data files I use with those programs and am pleased with speed with which those files load when I open a project.
  2. So I guess that Windows + Adobe Suite is the right thing to install on the SDD right? All other stuff like Google Chrome, ITunes, Games, etc should go in the HDD
  3. The purpose of installing an application onto the SSD is to inprove the responsiveness of the system. Therefore ,install onto the SSD the one or two applications that you are going to use the most. In your case it sounds like you use Adobe Suite the most. Just make sure that you leave a little space on the SSD so that it has room to do garbage collection (around 10% or more).
  4. JKatwyopc stated it quite well. Yes, install the Adobe Suite on the SSD for best responsiveness. You won't regret it.
  5. Thank you all very much! YOu guys really solved my questions
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