Msi 870a-g54 no power with jpwr2 plugged in

I am troubleshooting a msi 870a-g54 mainboard, seems the system just died overnight...every component tested in another system except cpu, all components check good... including power suply
The system will power up (no boot, no video, fans spin) only when jpwr2 is unplugged.
do I RMA?
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  1. Yes, unless you can try either of a different CPU or a different motherboard.
  2. Before you RMA, try removing the motherboard and power supply from the case. Place them on a table top and run them there. Often, there is a problem with a stand off on the motherboard in the wrong location, shorting out power. Or, the wrong type of screw being used to secure the motherboard to the stand off, which shorts out a trace on the MB under the oversized head of the screw.....

    If it still fails, RMA it.....
  3. Yes, but if it was working before, then what caused it to short? But still check. Can't hurt.
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