I installed a GTX 295 and no video even after 3 clean installs of Windows 7. Any other card works just fine. In addition, I placed the 295 in my windows XPx64 box and it works fine. Even tested with 3d mark 06 and it completed the tests without any problems. My system is as follows.

Asus P6t updated with the most recent Bios 1303
Patriot PVT38G1600elk kit x 2 (Total of 6 x 2 GB= 12Gb of Ram)
Core I7 920
Antec 850 watt true power supply
Seagate 1TB hard drive x 2 in raid 0 and raid 1

I have noticed on other threads that the problem seems to arise when there is more than 8 gb of ram intalled on the boards. Would this have any effect on the video card being recognized. Have written to EVGA and even talked with them but they dont seem to know what's going on. Microsoft site says compatiblity is not determined at this time with windows 7. Any other suggestions?
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  1. If it works on anything except that computer, it may be a faulty PCIE slot.
  2. Or a faulty PSU. That PSU should be able to handle it easily but if you got a dud it could be the problem(happens sometimes even with good brands like Antec.)
    You could test it by swapping out the PSU from the other computer which you know handles the card.
  3. ^+1
    just as jyjjy said above... :)
  4. Also, have you tried it with only 6gb of ram?
    I don't really know how that would affect it but...
  5. Is the windows & you are installing an x64 version?
    If it is, try what duk3 said. Install 2 gigs and then try installing the video card again to see if it works.
  6. I actually got the unit to fire up with a 9800Gt installed along with the gtx 295. I was still unable to load any drivers for the GTX 295. The machine ran extemley slow with the 295 in the box and the driver timed out and would not install on the system. I have 3 different PCIE slots and none of them will work. I doubt it would be three different PCIE slots. It is an x64 OS so I will try installing it with only 2 gigs of Ram installed and update my progress.
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