GTX 480 or 5870 for rendering???

Hey guys. I am going to be running Maya AutoDesk in university.

I tried to find Maya benchmarks for video cards and ram to see whats the best, but I came up empty handed.

Does anybody know if a gtx 480 or 5870 is better for this application? I read cuda cores help, but it was just a vague statement on a forum.

Thank you for reading.
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  1. How well the program is ran should depend on the rest of the computer just as much as the card but i would go with the radeon 5870 over the gtx 480
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Well,for Maya,you mostly benefit from a faster CPU rather than a faster VGA,since its a CPU-intensive app.What are your other PC specs ?
  3. 1090T, formula IV, 2000mhz ram. Just thought i'd top it off with a video card. just going into university.

    ill be I'll be gaming too, but I keep seeing the mention of CUDA cores which is GTX 480. But is it any better than the 5870?

    ill be doing Ray Tracing, Global Ilumination, Motion Blur. Ill be rendering with Mental Ray.

    i wanna game too, so im getting a gamer card!
  4. I would OC that cpu to at least 4.0ghz. It will do that easily and probably more with a good cpu cooler...
  5. GTX 480 performs better than a 5870 in games but it runs hotter,noisier and has more power consumption
  6. bang for the buck is 5850 over any card at the point time.. but 5870 is really good card yes 480 is a bit faster but a lot more hungry
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