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I want to know if I can place 2 ATI HD5070 in crossfire mode in my Alienware Aurora with its 850 watts power supply?
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  1. 2 5070's?

    I am sure you mean either 5870 or 5970. Which?
  2. Sorry!

    Yes I mean 5870!

  3. Yes, depending on the quality of the PSU...

    Corsair, Antec, SeaSonic for example, you should have no issues with dual 5870's.
    CoolMax, Rosewill, XION for example, you might not be so lucky
  4. How can I know which pu there is in my Dell computer? Open it I guess?
  5. Yes... You are looking to see 1) How many AMPS are on the 12V rail(s) and 2) the max output.

    Here is a good thread to give you an idea on what you need for your 12V rail... http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/279391-28-power-requirements-specs-popular-graphic-cards-guide
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