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My laptop used to play starcraft 2 just fine at medium settings. Recently however the fps would drop to single digits for a few seconds every couple of minutes. I figure this is probably due to cpu throttling. My cpu temperature would max at 85C during gameplay, at which point it will throttle down to 75C and greatly reduce my fps. The gpu shows similar temperature fluctuations. At idle, cpu temperature is around 50. is my cpu/gpu too hot under load? I've cleaned my cpu fan recently, but the problem persists.

lenovo g450
core 2 duo t6600
geforce 210m
4gb ddr3

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    That sounds pretty typical of trying to game on a laptop - try suspending the laptop (physically) with something like a double wide dvd case so that more air can be moved out through the vents. The bios also might have settings for speedstep or something you can disable (though with those temps you might have to be careful of getting too hot)
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