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Hi, I have a Gigabyte P55A-UD3 Motherboard and I had never flashed the BIOS as I really didn't feel any need until I installed two 60GB OCZ Vertex2 SSD's in a RAID0 configuration. This configuration is running great, it gave me a WEI score of 7.9 so it's in good shape. The problem I am having has to do with the Boot process, when I need to re-start my system at times I am experiencing a "stuck BIOS", as the boot screen first comes up and it say's something about "Award BIOS" and the very next line of text will also come up and then STOP before it reaches the frequency at which my memory is operating, SOOOO its not gettin to far into the process before it sticks but only at times and when it does stick I have to shut it down again and power down completely and then it will generally boot up from there. :o I am thinking that I may need to re-flash the BIOS again as I may not have gotten corrupted flash the first time......but I don't know, can someone advise me as to what is happening? and how to correct the problem
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  1. Did you change all of your BIOS settings to default before flashing, it's a good precaution.
    Anyway, shutdown, reboot and set BIOS to default, shutdown, unplug, remove battery, clear CMOS using the jumper for a minute (if you don't have a jumper just cross the CMOS pins with a screwdriver), put jumper back where it was, reinstall battery, boot, reflash BIOS
  2. :o Hi, Ya know that is what the problem was, I didn't return to the default BIOS settings prior to flash. I had cleared the CMOS after the flash as it wouldn't boot until I did. (after 1st flash) I did as stated above and it seems to be fine now. I was just a little nervous about doing a re-flash without some in-put first, in case there was something I missed. Thanks for the advise and for getting back to me with help, its appreciated! :bounce: Dan
  3. Glad I could help :)
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