Advice on Newegg Combo Deal (i7 930 and change)


This is my first post here, so my apologies that it's an advice thread. But I'm in need of some quick expert advice.

I've been in the market for a new PC anchored with an i7 930 and GTX 470. A very competent gaming machine, if not bleeding edge. I found this interesting combo on Newegg today that gives me an i7 along with most of the other components I would need.

I can get advice on each individual component's stability, etc., through other means, but does this look like a balanced system overall, and a good value for money?

I'd greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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  1. That is a nice system!
  2. It is quite nice, but you can build the same for cheaper. By the time you add the GPU you are closer to $1500 without monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers or Windows 7.

    Also, personally if the machine is primarily for gaming I would sooner go with an i5 750 build, you would be able to go with the a 480 then if you wanted
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