In-game flashing white screen with grey stripes

Hi everyone..
I hope this is a right place to ask..

I don't really know if my problem is with gfx, but it seems to be..
This thing is driving me mad..

A flashing white screen with some vertical grey bars (lines).. It flashes for a few miliseconds, it's very annoying, also maybe a dangerous thing :)

I have captured it by phone

I play the Risen in this video. When I go to the inventory, there are some flashes.. This is one particular example, there is no need to go to inventory at all.. Sometimes it happens in action, sometimes in menu..

This is happening in "random" times.. Sometimes immediately, sometimes 5 minutes after start, sometimes 2 hours after start, sometimes never :)

Sometimes it flashes in "random" timing, not periodicaly like in this video..
Sometimes there is just one flash and then it's ok for a day..

When it flashes, there is no lag or sound interuption..
PC've never freezed, it's perfectly stable (benchmarks, prime95, furmark -> OK)..

When I play a game (3d rendered like Stalker, Gothic 3, Oblivion, Metro 2033, Risen)
NEVER in non-rendered applications - never on desktop in Windows, never on boot etc..

AMD Phenom II X4 905e, 2500 MHz
MSI 790FX-GD70
Kingston HyperX 4GB (kit 2x 2GB) 1800MHz (running on 1333 now)
Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 4870 Vapor-X 1GB DDR5
Asus VW220 [22" LCD]
OCZ ModXStream 500W power supply

Win7 x64 Ultimate, directx 11
the newest bios, newest drivers for gfx (ati catalyst)
temperatures are great, Cooler Master Dominator CM 690 case..
all is in "factory default", no overclocking..

i've tried to freeze it, therefore I think this is not a temperature issue..
i'm trying to solve this a long time -> i've tried a three different Ati Catalyst drivers..
tried a new install of Windows too..

I very truly beg you guys..
Do you have any experience with this?

Thank You for any suggestions..
Take care..

Josef Svoboda
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  1. have you tried starting the task manager during on of these white sceen moments?? if so what happened??
  2. yes, i can normally run task manager (like anything else).. there are processes, services, nothing unusual..
  3. man you replied fast. have you tried ending the program that causes the white screen??
  4. And you are running the task manager while the white screen is up right?
  5. I don't know, which program causes it (if any).. i've killed everything i could, relaunched the game, there is no progress.. i will try to "underclock" my GPU slightly, just for fun..
  6. Ok u can try the under clock but i don't think that it will really solve anything. have you checked the tempitures for the gpu to make sure it isnt over heating??
  7. I've underclocked my gfx from default:

    GPU 750 MhZ
    Memory 900 MhZ


    GPU 500 MhZ
    Memory 450 MhZ

    via Catalyst Control Center. There is a visible framerate drop (it means it's well done), but screen is still flashing..
  8. huh interesting man i dont know why it would do that can you RMA card and see if a new one does the same thing??
  9. i would love to :/ but i don't have any other..
    here are my temps

    everything looks fine imho
    but it's crazy, because the temperature is the only logic explanation for me :)
  10. yah your temps are a little high you might want to try to get another fan installed but your system doesnt seem like this should be a problem how long have you had the graphics card for?? is it getting old or is it still pretty new??
  11. and are you playing in full screen mode or windowed mode becasue ive heard of these problems in windowed mode sometimes
  12. I have got this ATI Radeon HD 4870 (and all other components) for a year now.. as I read on the other forums, this temperatures are ok for this card. But I wanted to eliminate the temperature - so I forced the fan to 100%.. temperatures are GPU - 46°C, MEM - 59°C, SHADER - 52°C; after 10 minutes of playing.. the screen keeps flashing, i see an epilepsy coming :D

    As I read, the ATI Radeon HD 4870 is designed to operate in 90-110°C.. so.. i don't get it.. could it be a software problem? Windows 7 - DirectX.. ..
  13. oh, fullscreen mode, everytime..
  14. have you tried rolling back the drivers ??
  15. and it might be a software problem
  16. yes.. i've even tried to use a system default drivers.. no Catalyst at all..
    And then I tried a Catalyst (half a year ago) and then i've prayed for every new release that might fix this.. but i am not a religious person and God knows this :)
  17. haha ok well hey do u hace something where we dont have to keep submitting replies so that we might be able to have like a msn conversation or something to try and solve this problem
  18. oh and have you disabled the onboard video have you tried that??
  19. and what about updating your bois have you done that
  20. I've send you PM
    my board doesn't have integrated gfx
    yeah, bios is updated (last month i did it) (bios on motherboard)
  21. We searched for a posibilities with 'WC aftermath'..

    well.. i think it's fixed no flashes..
    there are several posibilites why:

    i've cleaned the contact (degreased)
    i put the card to different slot
    any other reason - manipulation with card..

    temps went down a little - it has moved away from CPU..
    thank you!

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