Control Panel crashes after driver update

I recently installed the latest drivers for the 8600gt so I could play republic commando properly. Only problem is, control panel crashes every time I access it. I can go to windows explorer and use the address bar to access the stuff I need, but it's getting annoying every time I forget. The crash sends me back to the desktop and then explorer crashes, then everything refreshes and it's more or less okay. Running windows xp pro and searching hasn't been fruitful. Any suggestions?
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  1. err.. anyone...?
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    The only things I can recommend is reinstalling the drivers now with windows in safe mode after running driver sweeper
    If that does not work then roll back to the older drivers that worked.
  3. I'll have a go at that and see how it goes
  4. I gave it a go a couple days ago, but had trouble getting it to run properly (with + without safe mode). Ended up trying to remove everything again and install the new drivers again... worked fine, until I opened control panel......

    thanks anyway
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