My dvd not reading any cd or dvd

When I open my computer I see the dvd drive is detected but when I put a cd or dvd. It does not ready but it was reading before.
Please help.
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  1. Replace it.
  2. before you replace it, go into device manager and remove the dvd drive. The rescan the hardware and let it re-configure the dvd drive, and see if this helps.
  3. If that doesn't work check the inside of your computer (make sure your PC is unplugged and hold the power button for 10 sec to drain any power) for any loose or broken cables leading to the dvd drive (secure any and all connections) and check for layers of dust, sometimes will interfere with the functionality of the computer. If that doesn't work your drive might be dead. You could pull it out and try it on a different system, but in most cases you'll have to replace it.
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